Mobdro Channels List for TV & Android App

If you are live stream hack and want to watch Videos and  Movies, the here we are with the best article on Mobdro Channels List for TV & Android App. This article will serve you the best idea to use the channels on TV and Android devices.

This App will include the Category wise Mobdro Channels list and it also has subcategory in same. This makes the user use App so easily and without any issue.

At last, we will start to talk about all different kind of Live stream available for the Mobdro App. Please proceed to the next heading.

Mobdro Channels List for Android App & TV

The Mobdro App is available for all user and it has two version. One is Free and another one has paid the subscription in the same App. As you can say by the topic title, we are here to find what are the channels the app has.

Mobdro Channels List for Android App & TV

Mobdro Channel guide has the best amount of channels that you are able to find in this media streaming apps. There are channels around the Globe. Furthermore, you can find more information related same below.

Let me tell you that Mobdro has a good number of categories of live media streaming such as TV shows, Movies, news, sports, Spiritual etc. All those categories have channels which work as same as to normal TV channels.

  • Channels: This is the first category that will found in the Mobdro Channel List; It can be found after opening an App. In the same, you are able to see a list of popular channels around the Globe(world).
  • More Content: It includes channels such as AXN, HBO, Pogo, ABC, BBC, FX, Cartoon network, Discovery, Animal Planet, TV show channels and similar more channels can be seen. You can get start with any streaming channel by just one click on it.
  • Movies and TV shows: Movies has all kind of channels for the different mood. For example, if you want to watch love movie then there will be the list of love genre channel, which will let you watch anytime anywhere.
  • News: This section makes user watch live News around the world and have many news channels. You can able to find all national as well as international news channels such as BBC, NBC, Aaj Tak, CNBC, ABC, Fox News, and more like the same. The Mobdro Channel list(for news) is enormous.
  • Sports: If you are sports fan then this app has got everything for it. Mobdro Channel App for Sports have all these channels – ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports, Star cricket, WWE TV and much other available.

Hence, the above list of channel gives the overview of every category. This is very easy to use and it’s better for TV user who gets all this Mobdro Channel list on a big screen.

Features of Mobdro App

Features of Mobdro App

The Mobdro App have numerous features. This includes all free features and paid App features too. See the below information for same.

  • Mobdro App lets you record or download the stream.
  • Further, it even helps you to choose; the amount of the stream you would like to download.
  • Users able to set its language and the app will show all channel in set language.
  • Auto sleep feature let you watch Channel free of worry. You can set a timer to get the App shutdown.

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At last, those features are fully available for the premium version. Additionally, the Freemium version has fewer features.

Hence, we gave the best knowledge on  Mobdro Channels List for TV & Android App. We request you to share this information. In the end, the readers can able to send feedback and query us on to Mobdro.

How to Install Mobdro on Firestick?

Here we are going to illustrate on the topic “How to Install Mobdro on Firestick”. The Mobdro is an Application which provides live stream channel for users. The App can be available on the Firestick by following few steps.

The Firestick takes have same functions and can watch them into an HDMI dongle. i.e you can able to stream Full High Definition content from different services like BBC iPlayer, Prime Instant Video, and Netflix. You can even stream all audio from Spotify and one can play mobile games which are available on Amazon App Store.

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After that, to use the Mobdro on the firestick, the steps are given below. It includes different methods one of them is by ES Explorer.

How to Install Mobdro on Firestick Guide:

Mobdro is simple to install and you can get it directly. Once installation is finished, it will let you stream and enjoy about anything favorite that you love. Here, we are going to discuss on one of the method i.e by ES Explorer. Steps are given below.

Install Mobdro on Firestick

  • Open the Firestick home screen.
  • Go to setting of your Amazon Firestick.
  • Scroll down to the “developer options”
  • Now, Enable the option- “unknown sources”; this will make installations of applications from unknown source.
  • Then, Come to the subheading apps
  • Meanwhile, Get to “Any file Explorer” from the search bar.
  • Now, choose New by Scrolling down to bottom; use your remote to locate.
  • Paste this link in “” and then proceed “next”.
  • A box would launch and then choose “OK”.
  • Choose the given search box and type the word “Google”; Navigate With arrows of your remote
  • Now, Type “Mobdro App” and then click “submit”.
  • Go to the official web address of Mobdro and locate  “download” option.
  • If you cannot hit the link, here are few steps that user can follow. Visit the main page address and then click the down arrow key (2 times), until the download area pops up on the same screen then hit enter.
  • Now you can use left click and move to the sidebar, scroll down until you locate the “Exit” tab (you do not have to click it).
  • Meanwhile, Proceed to right part and hit “More” tab.
  • Go to the option “Open in Web Browser” then select ES Downloader to open the file. Now, click on  “Just Once” and it will automatically start the download.
  • The download will start itself.
  • When the download gets over, choose the option “open file”.
  • Scroll and locate “install” and click it.
  • Now go to the bottom part in the Mobdro box and click on “install”.
  • The installation process will start.
  • Once installation gets over, click on “open”.
  • Mobdro will launch.
  • When you finished with it, you go to “settings”; that will make you go back to the App.
  • Now, Go to option “manage installed apps”
  • Scroll and find for Mobdro on Firestick.
  • Open the App and start Streaming it.

Mobdro Firestick

Features of Mobdro Firestick App:

Here we will give you an alternate way to install Mobdro on Firestick; use this is the upper method does not work. The steps are as below.

  • If you got Paradox App, then add Paradox’s repo in the App KODI and then proceed to installation Paradox box.
  • With Paradox box, Locate and click on “install applications”.
  • Scroll and locate Mobdro on Firestick (App) and click on “install”.
  • When it gets over, then open Mobdro App and enjoy your favorite shows.
  • If you get an error while installing then try to follow next steps.
  • After that, search adbLink from your computer web browser.
  • Additionally, get  Mobdro APK from the official site on your smartphone.
  • Now, Open adbLink and then add a new device.
  • Provide a unique name in the description and also add an address; you have to find and add the IP address of your firestick. It can be seen in the system settings.
  • Now, Click on  “Install APK” and then go to Mobdro APK that you already downloaded earlier. Then click on “Open” and choose “Yes” to get installation start.
  • Wait for few minutes and then the App will be installed successfully.

Thus, above steps gives the information regarding the installation of Mobdro on the Firestick. You should follow each step very carefully and do not worry if you get stuck; follow same steps again.

Hence, this article “How to Install Mobdro on Firestick” has given information about the Mobdro App on the Firestick; it included all the methods.  We request you to share and thumb up to this information. At last, the readers can send feedback and query us on to Mobdro App. Thank you.

Mobdro Update: How to Update Mobdro App on Android

Here we are going to talk about article “Mobdro Update: How to Update Mobdro App on Android”. This is a completely free (with ads) Application for Android user. There is another option to get the ads free App i.e premium. The premium provides all features such as no ads while surfing and even user get best links to stream the content.

Mobdro has the App update often. The Mobdro Update allows the user to get the newer version of the same App to experience the integrated features. The new upgrade is available on the Official web address.

At last, the to know more about the steps to update/upgrade the Mobdro APK follow the below information. We will provide you all in brief so that you can directly get all the details in this post.

Note: This is not an official website, we only cover the guides and tutorials regarding this application. We only link to the official sites but please stay away from unwanted websites which can really harm your smartphone. So, we request you to only follow the official sites.

How to Update Mobdro App on Android

How to Update Mobdro App on Android?

The Android have the features to get updates from the developer very often. This is because the Android operating system gets the best for the users. Additionally, Mobdro Update brings the new features to make their user enjoy the App very easily and with the best interface. To update Mobdro app on your smartphone, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, the user should have the android smartphone with this App installed. If not installed then refer this link.
  • Now, move to your App and go to the setting > about > and find the currently running version of Mobdro on your smartphone.
  • Meanwhile, you open this link on your web browser (you can use PC too)- “”.
  • There you will find the download link to update the app. Now search for the version number written below the download option.
  • Compare the both and if you found it as new then the current one, go for the download option.
  • After that, try install the Mobdro update App to your smartphone (you can locate the App in the phone download storage).
  • Sometimes it will ask you to replace the current version; then click ok.
  • At last, the updated app has been installed on your smartphone.

Thus, this is how you can update the Mobdro App easily. The user can also find the option (check for update)in the same application in setting menu. If the version got any new update then it will start downloading itself.

I really hope that you enjoyed this guide and I also request you to follow this site for more such guides and tutorials in future. We are going to provide more latest and updated guides which will help you to make the most from this application.

Hence, we have illustrated the best information on the “Mobdro Update Download”. We are here to listen to your feedback and query. Please contact us on to Mobdro. Thank you.