Mobdro for Kodi Download & Install (Mobdro Kodi XBMC)

Welcome to our article of Mobdro for Kodi Download & Installation (Mobdro XBMC). In this article, we are going to talk about how to use Mobdro on Kodi in detail. For those guys don’t know either of these apps, we will first explain a little about them.

Mobdro is a wonderful app that lets you watch and download all the latest movies or TV shows anywhere at your convenience. You can even enjoy sports, music, news, different TV channels and videos of all kinds from every corner of the world.

This article is all about the process of using Mobdro for Kodi. This article will be a great help for those people who want to stream content on a big TV screen by using Kodi.

Mobdro for Kodi Guide & Information

As I have said above, Mobdro is an amazing streaming app that lets you watch your favorite content for absolutely free to download and use.

This app allows you access to videos of various genres ranging from movies to sports and news. It constantly searches the internet for new and exciting streams for its users to use.

Mobdro for Kodi

Mobdro Kodi app is a free media streaming software, albeit a bit different from Mobdro. With the help of this app, you can stream media either from your local or network storage.

It uses a 10 foot UI for its usage with TV and remote controls. You can even stream media from the internet by downloading different add-ons that are available within Kodi.

Install Mobdro Kodi (How to Tutorial)

Now, after having a quick overview of the two apps, we will have a look at the steps required to play Mobdro on Kodi in this part of the article. This tutorial will no doubt help you get started on the process. The steps are simple enough for you to understand and you will be able to remember for the next time you want to execute this process.

  • Launch Mobdro for Kodi and go to File manager in “System”. Then click on “Add source”.
  • Select None followed by, and finally “Done”.
  • You now have to give a name to the source that you are adding. For now, give the name lvtvv. And click on OK.
  • Return back to the Home screen and click on System. Then Click on “Add-ons” followed by “Install from Zip file”.
  • Select the name lvtvv which you have previously given. Then click on “”. After some time, a notification will appear saying Add-on enabled.
  • Next, select “Get Add-ons” followed by “AH Add-on repository”. Click on “Video Add-ons”, then install Mobdro from there.

That’s it. You can now access the Mobdro app from Video under Add-ons. Finally, I have explained the whole process on how to get this app for Kodi. This process is really simple and if you follow the steps, there shouldn’t be any problems regarding getting Mobdro for Kodi.

Mobdro Kodi

Features of Mobdro App:

The features of the Mobdro app are eye-catching and very promising. I have listed them out below. After reading them, I am sure that you will want to try out the app immediately.

  1. It lets you watch the latest movies and TV shows at the touch of your fingers.
  2. You can stream or download the content as you wish. The download can be done in any resolution you want.
  3. The media library of Mobdro for Kodi is updated from time to time so that you can stay updated with the latest movie trends.
  4. One major drawback is that you can only download the videos if you have the premium version.
  5. You can also watch a variety of channels from across the world.

These functions of the Mobdro Kodi will have given you a clear idea about the various services this app provides.

Features of Mobdro on Kodi App:

As I have mentioned above, Mobdro Kodi is free and open source media software that you can use with on your Android, iOS, Windows platform and even on your TV. These are some of the features of the Kodi app that have been the key to its success.

  1. Mobdro for Kodi can play almost all of the video and audio formats, that are available nowadays.
  2. The app also offers a resolution of 720p and 1080p with videos.
  3. You can record your own videos and play them back entirely with the help of this app.
  4. It supports different languages and subtitles. And users can also add languages that are not available in the Kodi database.

These were some of the features of the amazing app. You can check out the app in its entirety on the internet.

In conclusion to the article of Mobdro Kodi Download & Installation (Mobdro XBMC), I hope that you have understood the process to use Mobdro for Kodi. If you had an enjoyable experience reading this article, then feel free to contact us at Mobdro Download.

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