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Mobdro for Android Download – Official Version



Download Mobdro on Android App which is available on the official website. We are covering easy Mobdro on Android installation process in this article.

Searching for a free entertainment (Really free!) Application is very tough over the internet. Mobdro App is one of the best application which is on top of the free entertainment app world.

As stated, Mobdro is free and very much suitable for collegians, Travellers and who does not like monthly recurring bills.

What is Mobdro?

Quick Answer to the above question is Mobdro App is an Android application that allows users to get entertainment, Sports and TV shows. Users can go through different Live channel listings and search for the best entertainment content that they wish to watch. It has bunch of handful features as well.


Here we have focused on Mobdro android install and download post. We will get to know how to install mobdro on android and mobdro on smartphone.

Mobdro-for-android phone

Mobdro for Android Smartphones


Step 1: Download the mobdro application from Official website

Step 2: Before you begin to install the application. Go to the Security Settings (Settings > Security settings) in your android devices, and enable the Apps from the Unknown Sources

Step 3: Enable the checkbox for Unknown Sources. Tap on OK for the confirmation dialogue box.

Step 4: Locate your mobdro.apk file in your download folder and click on the mobdro application to install

Step 5: Once installation is completed, You can enjoy the Entertainment.

Hope you like this Mobdro android installation steps, Its pretty easy and straight forward but sometime it confuse us.

 You can explore the app and find user friendly features, if you need further help you can get all the feature details on our homepage.

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